I'm Jai Sequoia, and I’ve been a Graphic Designer for almost 20 years, a web designer for 14 years, and a Squarespace web pro for 10 years. Using my unique blend of technical expertise, creative intuition, and empathic communication skills, I create logos, brands, and websites that truly represent you and your unique business.

I've always been creative—a childhood musician, a hairdresser, a photographer, and a digital artist. After many years working in retail in Nelson, BC, I decided to become my own boss. I'm a very self-directed human being, and working alone in a peaceful environment is ideal for me.

When my beloved horse, Prowler, came into my life in 2010, my learning journey with him and the resulting connections with the horse community, and those who are passionate about the health and well-being of horses (and other animals), resulted in my main work niche. I'll forever be grateful to my beloved horse for this and oh, so many other major life lessons and personal growth/development.

Working with my long-term clients (some as long as 11 years) is a pleasure and a privilege and keeps me quite busy. I really enjoy solving puzzles (I swear I was a private detective in a past life!), and this is essentially what design is all about. Technology is changing FAST these days, and that certainly keeps me on my toes and requires me to be constantly learning and upgrading my skills.

I mostly find new clients by referral, but feel free to reach out to see if I'm available and if we're a good fit to work together.

Cover image from Unsplash

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