As with many of my clients, I met Dr. Taylor in 2015 thanks to my horse Prowler. I first designed her logo which is still one of my favourites. The horse, cat and dog together in a circle represent both the circle of life and the holistic nature of Laura's work with animals.
Leah Hope (Little Oasis Equine) introduced us and I was blessed to be able to provide Veterinarian Osteopathy to my beloved horse. The 2 cats I've had since meeting Laura have also enjoying yearly Osteopathic and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy treatments.
Laura's first site was on Weebly and in 2017 we did a template refresh.
In 2019 I created a brand new site for Laura in Squarespace 7.1. There's been minor iterations since then as Squarespace makes changes and adds features we like to keep her website 'fresh'.
My ongoing work for Laura includes graphics, signage and occasional social media posts and graphics.

"Jai does amazing work. I receive so many compliments regarding my website — the way the information flows and how appealing it is to look through — the combination of photos and colours... just the overall look and how helpful it is to people searching for answers to issues with their animals.
Jai also created my logo, which I absolutely love… and many people have said how much they love it too.
Jai is that wonderful mix of artist, intuitive, and computer nerd and horse geek, who can weave everything together into a fantastic design and website. I put off getting a website done for so many years, and I am so grateful that Jai crossed my path. Together, the end result is an awesome website that I am very proud of. Thank you, Jai!"

— Laura Taylor
Dr. Laura Taylor's logo both horizontal and vertical layout
Mock up of Dr. Laura Taylor's business card - front and back design.

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